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Election, Autism and the Attack of Christmas (#ISWG and #Writemotivation)

  •  Election, Autism and the Attack of Christmas

     #ISWG and #Writemotivation

    by MAJK

    So this has been a difficult week at best in terms of writing. In fact, it’s been a difficult week for my psyche. I had great plans. I had big goals. I was motivated and ready to go. I really thought I was looking forward to a productive week as far as writing goes but several factors converged to alter my plans.

    1) Time Change – Lil’man does not take well to the time change in that his sleep patterns become erratic and he just feels a bit off. I can identify because I feel it too. It feels like the difference between time in a dream and time in the real world, except this is all in the real world and you have to function. So he and I both had some VERY long nights.

    2) Packing Halloween – the problem with Halloween mid week is that having a full time job means I have to use the wekend to get Halloween packed. Now this may sound simple but in this family Halloween and Christmas take a minimum of a full day with both adults to get even 1/2 done. We have nearly 14 good size boxes of indoor Halloween decor. The outside takes about 1/2 a day. This was further complicated by my sudden decision that we should migrate to the big plastic tubs rather than cardboard boxes for ease of storage. Yeah, I wasn’t thinking about my time schedule we I came up with that bright idea.

    3) Autism Attacked – Sounds funny right? In a way it is and in a way it’s not. Obviously we had to purchase the aforementioned plastic tubs. Guess what. The stores are in FULL BLOWN CHRISTMAS mode. This is tough for an average kid. For my guy this was a total overload. He loves Christmas and Halloween. Remember that post about how we have to decorate for Halloween in September thanks to the retail stores? Guess what may have to happened this year?

    I can’t really blame him. I cringed the minute I realized that to stores were fully decked in Christmas for front to back. We haven’t gone in to a store once since Nov 2 that doesn’t require an extra twenty to thirty minute stroll through their Christmas section to keep Lil’Man from melting down. We tell him we’ll do it right before we leave so he tries to be good but I’ve already had to run (yes really run) after him as he raced toward the Christmas section because we were taking too long (I guess) to decide on a size for an item. I caught him but this is crazy. He is nearly too big to ride in the cart. I can’t be mad at him though. I understand how hard it must be to have Halloween everywhere at home and Christmas in your face in the store. So we had a few issues there that, of course, added to the difficulty settling down in the evening for dinner, bath, story time, and bed.

    4) Election – We took Lil’man with us again this year when we went to vote. We started last election trying to familarize him with the procedure just because we don’t know if he will get to a point that he can vote of his own power but we like to think he will. The tension this year coming off everyone during the day before, day of, and day after had him slightly edgy and very very Clingy. Then of course hubby and I spent all evening that evening debating, discussing, and analyzing the local amendments as well as the state and local races. Naturally, we were up late. There’s a lot to discuss with all this country faces.

    5) Plot Building – having decided last minute to participate in NaNoWriMo I had nothing ready. I got my idea and started in that general direction but let’s face it there’s a whole world I keep having to stop and build. This is really my own fault but it factors in.

    6) Finishing the WIP – Yeah, I said I wanted to finish this last month. I didn’t and I cannot abandon it for the NaNoWriMo. I set some crazy goals and so – I have to bust tail to make this happen. This is ougher to do as I am now bouncing between worlds in my writing. Again this one is entirely my fault.

    So there you have it. My list of factors that impacted my writing this week. Lil’Man is still pretty clingy but we have a 4 day weekend this weekend and so I intend to capitalize on it. I have one whole day marked off for a purely family day because a lot of times that helps center Lil’man out.

    So my Goals were:

    1) average 1700 daily words on Pyromancer (working Title for NaNoWriMo)
    2) complete MS for ATR entirely (2500 daily words average)
    3) hand ATR off to editor
    4) average a minimum of 1 post of To Live a Dragon’s Age weekly (700-1500 weekly average
    5) post an encouraging comment to at least 5 other writers blogs per day

    and let’s face it I am not there. I’m not even close. So I’m not going to beat myself up. Life happens. I ma going to grab my bootstraps (figuratively speaking) and tug hard. Hopefully, I can pull myself up by them. We’ll check to see how I did next Monday

    For my #ISWG and #Writemotivation groups my point is this: Life happens. Sometimes in spite of all you try to do, all your organization and planning you don’t get as far as you know in your heart you could have. Don’t make excuses, don’t beat yourself up. Look at the factors that contributed. Change those you can, accept those you can’t and most importantly DON’T GIVE UP.

    So how are things going for you? Are you doing NaNoWriMo? How is your writing going? What factors cut in to your writing time and most of all how do you deal with them?


    • http://twitter.com/AmehanaArashi Teresa Garcia

      I can completely sympathize with you chasing after LilMan in the store. My son’s autistic too, so he overstimulates so easy in the stores it isn’t funny. He’s 9, the size of a 12 year old, and I still end up with him in the cart often so he doesn’t take off. When we went to a BigStore, they had Christmas out before Halloween, so that was a literal hair (what’s left of it) raising experience for me.