Short Stories


There’s a Madman in My Shorts

How do you live a normal life while fighting the urge to kill? What would you do if there were two people living in your head? Welcome to Todd Casil’s life. After achieving success as a bestselling author and apparently as an unknown serial killer, Todd discovers his best friend ~ a diary.


Is that Blood on your Sunday Shorts?

Short stories are like the little truffles, or chocolate squares you get from time to time at coffee shops. Each time you start a new story, there is no way to be sure if it will be delicious or distasteful until you take a bite. I find that by reading short stories you can get a […]


Animal Rights? (What would you eat?)

Rain pelted the window. Jen stared through the glass at the residents of the steel reinforced animal pen. Dull vacant eyes gazed toward the house. They had no idea what was happening to them. It looked as though they didn’t particularly care.

Image is licensed under Creative Commons by-nc-nd 2.0 UK: England & Wales by Anthea Sieveking , Wellcome Images

My Reason for Living

She’s always been my purpose for living. From the first day I laid eyes on her, I knew this was the reason I was created. Looking are her was like looking at myself. Her hair, her eyes, even her smile they were all like mine. The resemblance couldn’t be missed.


Gnome-body Knows…

Zak grabbed a garden rake, intending to flush the beast out or bludgeon it unconscious. As he approached the shrubbery carefully, the stillness was eerie. A sudden rustle of leaves, startled him, then fell silent.


V is for Vexing and Vivacious

Kaleidoscopic explosions of light, noise, and magic erupted all along Bean Pole Road announced the start of the annual Spring Festival. With its street performances and brilliant decorations, the festivities stretched for miles through the streets of downtown Chandra, and lasted a full two weeks. The melding of cultures had erased many of the old world holidays, in their place new traditions sprang up. Spring Festival had become more important that the old world Christmas. A celebration of life renewed, the festival lasted two weeks, injecting the city with an air of carnival.


WTF?!? What Did He Say?

“I thought Nobles only showed up here when a full session of the Houses was convened.”

“Only two have come. One is here to express the House of Nobles’ concerns regarding the Guild; the other came to express support for the Guild.”

“So, House Ju’real believes the Hunters were involved in the disappearance of Ralnor. That’s not surprising. They have never been fond of our methods. I don’t think they’ve ever submitted a contract.”

“Actually, Lady Ju’real is here in defense of the Guild. She may not be fond of your methods but she seems to admire the efficiency and honesty you maintain. The one you need to be concerned about is over there chatting with the Elves .”


Suspicion, Safety, & Seriously Bad Fashion Sense

“We are looking for a girl.”

“Who isn’t? I’d say that with those beautifully tailored black suits you’re on the right track but the latex gimp mask covering your faces are likely what scares them off. “ Amaya remarked with a smirk, “This is not a brothel, as you can see by the sign it’s a nightlife hot spot and by day a reservations only Café. I can give you directions..”


Quid Pro Quo – you scratch my back …

“We offer complete confidentiality in our contracts and thus it would breech that Honesty you speak of for me to divulge the details of any contract not held by the council simply to please your curiosity. In the interest of maintaining our efficiency, I recommend you state plainly your purpose for this visit or vacate my office. I have no time for self-important council members to waste my time hemming and hawing. The door is easily found.”


One is the loneliest number …

There was no mistaking at least one of the corpses was her father’s handiwork. The hands lay on the damp earth, still clutching the heavy broadsword a small distance from the body. A crosscut through the man’s neck had severed the head from the rest of the crumpled form. Amaya’s knees buckled and bile rose in her throat.